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Probate, Wills & Enduring Power of Attorney


A well crafted Will gives peace of mind regardless of age. Whether simple or complex the making of your Will involves two stages.

Stage One

The taking of your instructions from which a draft is created. This can be done via e-mail or by attendance at the office.

Stage Two

The attendance at the office to finalise the draft and to execute the Will.



Identify an Executor to manage your affairs after your passing.

If you have children under 18 choose a Guardian to care for them and Trustees to administer their monies and assets.

Identify your Beneficiaries.

A beneficiary over 18 years can also act as Executor , Guardian and Trustee Without risk to their bequest

NOTE: Only a witness to a Will can not benefit under the Will. If you e-mail us your wishes we can send you a working draft but no Will is effective until signed by you and witnessed by two independent persons who are not beneficiaries. We always insist on a face to face consultation for the execution of your Will. The cost of your Will starts at €123.00 inclusive of vat but can vary depending upon the complexity of your wishes – we will advise your of the amount at the draft stage.


The death of a loved one is a devastating experience. At such a sad time we can help you carry out their last wishes as expressed by their Last Will and Testament. Even if no Will has been made we can explain the provisions of the Succession Act 1965 as it affects your Family.

The First Consultation is FREE and explains the process to you to allow you to get started.

Enduring Power of Attorney

Under the Power of Attorney Act 1996 it is possible for you to make provision for possible onset of dementia or stroke by setting up an Enduring Power of Attorney

So What Is An Enduring Power of Attorney?

  • An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document which allows an individual to choose to appoint one or more individuals (usually a close family member) to look after both your personal care decisions and your financial affairs in the event that for any reason you lose your mental capacity.
  • We must stress that an enduring power of attorney is only valid or effective if you lose your mental capacity at some future point in time.
  • An enduring power of attorney can be an extremely powerful document that significantly bypasses the hurdles and problems your family could face when trying to deal with your affairs should you become incapable.
  • We can explain the formalities and arrange for you to sign the necessary documents now while you have the good health and the capacity to make the best decision as to the person or persons whom you would wish to look after your affairs should the need arise.
  • This document does NOT apply in cases of physical frailty only.
  • This document is ONLY effective from the date of registration and this registration can only be effected after you have been certified by a Medical Practitioner to have lost your mental capacity to make and understand legal decisions.
  • If a person loses mental capacity without having signed a valid Enduring Power of Attorney then in order to manage the person’s property and affairs it is necessary to have such a person made a Ward of Court. This can be an expensive and lengthy process so having an Enduring Power of Attorney in place is preferable.
  • This document does not alter or change the terms of any Will you may have made.

We would be delighted to talk you through the process . The First Consultation is FREE and without obligation.